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At this time we are recruiting lvl 30+. We want our members to have a basic understanding of the game, and its dynamics. We can make exceptions, such as alts, who know thier way around, etc. We are looking for active, and helpful members, who are willing to help the guild reach its full potential.
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Forsaken World – Lionheart Server

We strive to create and maintain a fun, friendly, helpful and respectful home for our members.  Each member is as important as the next, as a guild is only as great as it’s members.  There are not many rules, and most are common sense, but please abide by them, as offenders will be dealt with appropriately.  If we all work together, this can be a great place to forge many friendships.

One of the great benefits of a guild is having others to chat with while questing.  Be friendly and help others to feel welcome here. Please respond as you can to those in guild chat, as a courtesy.  No one likes to feel ignored.  Offer assistance when possible, whether a simple answer to a question or joining a squad to help complete quests.  We are here to support each other and to receive support in return.  Be respectful of others.  No people or guild bashing in guild chat.  You never know who may be associated with them and be offended.  If an issue arises, please take it to whispers and keep the drama out of guild chat.  If the issue cannot be solved without Officer interaction, please speak with your Corps Leader as soon as he/she is available, or another Officer, if yours is not online.  Be patient and understanding of the fact that everyone else is playing the game as well, and may not be able to respond to you immediately.

Above all else, this is a game meant for fun and entertainment, so enjoy yourself and help others to enjoy it as well.

Guild News

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GhostFW, Aug 28, 11 11:37 AM.
We are going to try a new approach to guild quest help.
As many of you know Trade runs are a pain, even though they are the most efficient way to contribute to the guild.
we think doing 1 envelope (4 quests) per day of base quests, this will be enough to help us keep the guild functional.
If anyone doesn't know yet, the game requires a guild to pay a daily fund to the base for upkeep.
its the only reason we require any contribution at all.

The other way thats very helpful to lighten the load, is to help new members with questions etc.
most ppl do this anyway, all the same it is very very much appreciated

On a lighter note, most guild have heavy requirements. if heard some even require actual donations if someone isn't doing TR's (Trade runs) every day.

We understand ppl cant always be on, due to that whole real life thing.

we feel its important to have as much fun as possible to balance the needs of the guild. so so also do contests and giveaways to ppl who help. the more you contribute the more your rewarded.

Again we don't require excessive contribution, but  we welcome any help as that is what it takes for us to grow into a larger guild, which means more benefits.
These become more important later in the game. It becomes easier to get funds and cont. as you get higher level, so its an equal trade off.

We do do however require ppl to be respectful to one another, officers and new members alike.
We don't tolerate shady behavior, of any kind. This don't mean we want nothing but goody goody's, but we want our guild to treat all players with respect, even though its "just a game"

So if you would like to give us a try and see how it goes, just let us know you read this and understand it.

We hope you find it fair and a lot less demanding then some of the other guilds, and look forward to seeing you in our family.
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